Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to read local languages (Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Devanagari (including Marathi), Gujarati, Bengali, and Gurmukhi) news paper and other languages in ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

 In Ubuntu 10.10 by default web browser is Mozilla fire fox web browse is using for internet browsing.
If you want to read Telugu and other news paper first you have go to System ---> Administration---> Language Support --> and click it
you will see a box called Language & Text box
It will update automatically when you open Language Support
after update is over you have to go ---> Install/Remove Languages ---> and press it
you will see a new box called installed languages and you can fined 145 languages list
for Exp:- I choose Telugu now you can see four options in the bottom of the box
under components:
1.Translations 2. Spell cheking and writing aid 3.Input methods 4.Extra fonts
click all the boxes
and now press apply changes button
after changes is over now you have to install padma plugging for Fire Fox web browser. For
that you have to open Mozilla fire fox web browser and you go to goole and type padma plunging
for Firefox and such for “padma:: Add-one for Fire Fox” and click it after open you have go to
parma 0.4.15
[ WHAT IS PADMA PLUGGING :-P adma is a technology for transforming Indic text between
public and proprietary formats. The technology currently supports Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil,
Devanagari (including Marathi), Gujarati, Bengali, and Gurmukhi.
Indic scripts suffer from lack of standards support in various OS and platforms. As a result, many
public and proprietary schemes have been adopted over time by different groups and businesses.
Padma's goal is to bridge the gap between closed and open standards until the day Unicode support
is widely available on all platforms.
Padma transforms Indic text encoded in proprietary formats (ex: dynamic fonts) automatically to
Unicode. Padma also has support for transforming from ISCII and transliteration schemes like
ITRANS and RTS (Telugu only). ]
or go to this link
and now just click in +Add to Fire Fox it will open a window called
Install add-one only from authors whom you trust
press install now button
after installation is over it will ask for restart web browser
if you want to see how it is working for Exp:- type a Telugu new paper URL that is www.eenadu.ent
and see how it is opening and read you local language paper and enjoy
Allu John Sudhakar
System/Network Administrator
UCE, OU Osmania University
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